Alfonzo Rachel, also known as Bizarro Dusty, is a black Christian conservative who wishes he was white. He does video commentaries called ZoNation on (which is the conservative equivalent of the Young Turks), and some of his videos are also on YouTube on his channel and on the PJ Media channel. His new channel on youtube is Zo Loft and include Christian bible research along with social commentary rants.


He has appeared on the show first in episode 60. He has done things like compare Democrats to junk food (even though that's what most conservatives eat every day). He also whines about atheists that criticize Christians. He has a series of videos that reviews Democratic Party history and their support of racism and victimhood, intermixing occasional bible references in his rants.


  • The Amazing Atheist compared his abrasive demeanor to Dusty Smith.
  • This guy is a hypocritical moron.
  • Entertaining with rapid fire commentary on a wide range of issue, Zo has no problem poking fun at much of American cultural life.
  • He is also the drummer and leader of 20 Lb Sledge, a black heavy metal band.

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