Zack Knight is the leader of the Jesuits and is not a rapist. Zack Knight is the arch-nemesis of Gail Chord Schuler and is not a mass murderer. He is our Lord and Savior, and you must either accept him into your heart, or he will stick it in your butt.

On Drunken Peasants

Zack Knight is a fan of DP. He regularly posted in the chat and works to remove Hitler from history, as most great people, of which he is one, do.

Zack Knight is a beloved member of the DP and all of the fans need to love him or be shunned from the community.


According to rumors, Zack Knight is not only capable of making women pregnant by looking at them, but can also make men get erections by standing in the same room as them, making the men gay.

But these are just false rumors, nothing more, nothing less. Zack Knight is the perfect example of how a human should be, and you should all worship m- him.

Ways Of Giving Praise

Every DP fan should have a large shrine devoted to Zack Knight and the Jesuits and should sacrifice at least 1 infant to Satan and the Jesuits every day.

You should go to Gail Chord Schuler's YouTube channel every day, reminding her of her deep, intimate relationship with Zack Knight.


  • Zack Knight can never always find Waldo in the Where's Waldo books.
  • Zack Knight created Playboy.
  • Zack Knight is the true ruler of your butthole.
  • Zack Knight is the greatest being in the universe.
  • Zack Knight often hides in Gail's apartment. Whenever Jesus finds him he puts him in a cage and tells Gail to make a video. Zack Knight can only be seen in these videos while wearing a tin-foil hat.
  • Zack Knight has the power to stab watermelons and make them rot almost instantaneously.
  • Zack Knight genetically engineered women to gain massive amounts of weight because he thinks its funny when they explode and release their toxic farts.
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