Wild Bill, real name, William Finlay (or Mild Phil as coined by TJ) is an inbred conservative redneck vlogger and professional bullshit manufacturer from Florida. Wild Bill's far-right political views are very much typical of the classic Tea-Bagger. Some of his views and positions include but are not limited to: Obama derangement syndrome, the fundamentalist view of the U.S. being founded as a Christian nation, pro-war stances, Creationism, Anti-science, Homophobia, and gun-nuttery. He often engages in misinformation and historical revisionism in his videos, yet his vacuous followers seem to just take his word for it. 

According to his website, Wild Bill served in the Marines before going into Law enforcement. He has also claimed to have been a missionary in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and West Africa. He is also a supporter of the Tea Party movement.

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