The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC for short) are a group of true Americans trying to save the United States from an uncommon type of sexuality, Jews, politicians, popular figures, other countries, rebels (whatever the fuck they mean by that), Obama, gay soldiers, America itself, and everything else. They do it through vitriol and shitty pop music parodies [1][2][3][4]. A lot of people hate the Westboro Baptist Church with a passion, even though they're just a bunch of dumbasses holding up stupid signs. Jaclyn Glenn has trolled the group before [5], and Thunderf00t has interviewed a few of them.[6]


It has been mentioned a few times on the show. Galen has defended the WBC, saying that they're very nice people.

Creationist Cat is good friends with the WBC.

One of the first videos TJ ever made was an interview with a member of the WBC, Shirley Phelps.

Strangely enough, despite all their other bigotry, they don't hate black people (or so they claim) Or, in the slightly altered words of Mr. Donald Trump "They're good with the Blacks".


A list taking a closer look at the members of Westboro Baptist Church (speaking of "looks" - did you notice that some of their members are really fat or look like basement dwelling pedophiles? Just sayin'!).

  • Fred Phelps (1929-2014) - The founder, leader and head pastor of Westboro Baptist, meaning he's the carcinogen who began the cancerous cult. He looks like Henry Kane, that creepy preacher/cult leader who stalked the young girl in the Poltergeist films.
  • Shirley Phelps (Better known as The Hag) - Fred's daughter and spokeswoman for the cult, she's the one who spreads WBC's cancerous message. She had an illegitimate child and was arrested numerous times.
  • Margie Phelps - A fat ass old woman.


A continually updating list of the members who left Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Nathan "Nate" Phelps (left in 1976, became an Atheist and LGBT activist)


  • WBC are the only truu christians.
  • While calling others out on sin (being gay, "worshipping the dead" or anything else), WBC members have sinned and continue to do it every day.[7]
  • Before he died, Fred Phelps came out as a gay, pedophile furry.[8]
  • Fred Phelps fucked all the male members of WBC and picketed Justin Bieber, because Justin (being straight) rejected his gay advances.[9]
  • Fred Phelps goes on adventures, even in death, in 2014, he went to Carl's Jr.[10]
  • They attack Justin Bieber and One Direction for their looks, yet WBC are fat as fuck.


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