Weeaboos, also known as weebs or Wapanese, are a species of filthy, obese pedophiles. Either through copious amounts of childhood trauma or a legitimate mental disorder, these people have all come to the conclusion that they are Japanese and should act as such.


Actual Japanese people view these sick fucks with contempt, disgust, and fear, not that this deters weebs in the slightest.

In the mind of the weeaboo, Japan is a utopia and any criticism of Japanese culture are unfounded and racist. Ironically, they are defending one of the most xenophobic societies in existence. 

Opinions Of Weebs

There are many different opinions on weeaboos. Most people (including most Japanese people) hate weeaboos, while some people (almost all white people) will defend weeaboos if given the chance.

List Of Known Weebs

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