Warcorpse666 (The Botched Clone of TJ or TJ 0.01) is a regressive "fan" the Drunken Peasants and the Amazing Atheist. He has clocks in multiple time zones because he is super important and just gots to know.

Just like with Tim Black and Razorfist, he back peddled on his shit when the Drunken Peasants called him out.


List of Appearances

Episode 91

Warcorpse666 appeared in Episode 91, criticizing TJ for "begging" for money to buy a new computer. He made a response to the peasants and said that he was okay with crowd-funding and people who give money to people who do, if they don't have the money.

Episode 215

A video of his was played on Episode 215 where he made a fool of himself by dismissing basic government programs found all over the western world except for America. He further claims that Sanders would be a terrible president.


  • He has a talent for cooking.
  • He is in an ongoing war with Jenny McDermott, giving her the attention she uses for sustenance.
  • He's also a fan of WWE Wrestling.
  • He hates Bernie Sanders.[1]
  • He believes health care isn't a right. He also probably believes in child slavery.
  • He has a big c(l)ock.
  • The previous point was edited in by Warcorpse himself is completely true. Please don't question it.


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