File:Iron Sheik's message for the kids

WWE Wrestling is a soap opera made specifically for closeted homosexuals. The peasants somehow enjoy it even though they're all adult men and 2/3 of them claim not to fuck men. It involves big muscular men attacking one another with over-the-top special attacks, so it's not surprise that it's entertaining.

The Drunken Peasants Podcast hold their own fictional wrestling league on their channel Rage Feed through the game WWE 2K15. The videos bring characters from all across the DP multiverse together to duke it out.


  • John Cena - John Cena is a potential candidate for the greatest wrestler of all time and Ben's personal sex doll. Cena is not only the greatest wrestler of all time, but also holds a special place in each of the drunken peasants' hearts.
  • Hulk Hogan - Hulk Hogan is a real American, wrestler, and superhero who served during the Korean War. He is the ultimate cause of North Korea's surrender once he had defeated Kim Jong-Il in a rap battle. He was erased from WWE history and no longer exists. He also supports genocide. [1]
  • Kevin Nash - Mid 90's Kevin Nash is a faggot that brutally bludgeons theists. TJ has conflicting viewpoints of Mid 90's Kevin Nash as a result. He also masturbates to him as the Aluminum Sheik.
  • The Aluminum Sheik - A wrestling character portrayed by TJ Kirk. His arch nemesis is The Math Magician, played by Ryan Wiley. He has been defeated several times by G Man and the Masters of Stupidity. His name is inspired by the Iranian WWE wrestler known as The Iron Sheik. The Aluminum Sheik masturbates to Mid 90's Kevin Nash in the middle of his promos.
  • Chlorophyll Man - Some idiot fan's wrestling persona. The identity of the pigmented faggot is not known, although it is probably Ryan Wiley's butt buddy. He dared to challenge The Aluminum Sheik to a wrestling duel at Summer Slam. He must be retarded; as TJ has a well-known history of experience handling vegetation.
  • Dolph Ziggler - Dolph Ziggler brutally raped some lying cunt in a story that was covered on Drunken Peasants. He was a former wrestler until he got the shit kicked out of him by John Cena and Hulk Hogan. He is related to Adolf Hitler.




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