The following is a list of voices done frequently on the podcast.

Brett Keane Voice

By far the most used and most popular voice on DP. The satirical impression of Brett Keane was popularized by PaulsEgo in mid 2015. It has been used mostly in mocking Brett Keane and it is responsible for the destruction of the words "situation" and "individual".

Lately Zeego the Hutt has been using the voice to do covers of popular songs.

Redneck Voice

The Redneck Voice is a voice archetype usually performed by Scotty and TJ when mimicking stupid Americans or religious people (two things which are often mutually inclusive). Several videos on The Amazing Atheist channel have incorporated characters with this voice, most of whom are played by Lance Sloane.

The Drunken Peasants were criticized by some retarded southerner (also known as every southerner) for not knowing anything about the American South. Ironically, both TJ and Scotty were raised in the Deep South of Louisiana, one of the most bigoted logical states in the union.

Paul's Ego used the Redneck Voice in episode 115. TJ schooled him in the art of the Redneck Voice.

Feminist Voice

The Feminist Voice is a voice that TJ does after or while a video by a feminist is presented or when he reads something a feminist does. TJ also does this voice on his Amazing Atheist channel. Lately, this voice has been more commonly referred to as TJ's Cartman voice, a term coined by Jenny McDermott.

Male Porn Star Voice

The Male Porn Star Voice is a voice that the Peasants do when a sexual topic or joke is brought up, or when a video by an attractive woman is presented.

Scotty usually emulates the laughs of Beavis and Butthead from their eponymous show. Ben often releases a sensual "fuck yeah". TJ typically cowers in fear; he deems all sexuality immoral...except if it involves bananas.

Tough Guy Voice

The Tough Guy Voice is a voice that the Drunken Peasants do (usually Scotty and TJ) when they encounter someone trying to be tough. It sort of resembles someone from New York or New England.

The True Scotsman Voice

The True Scotsman is a voice done by PaulsEgo in Episode 148 and Episode 150. This mainly was in response to The Vigilant Christian making a No True Scotsman every other word, while also making the already debunked "Jesus was killed by the jews" claim. TJ then said it was The True Scotsman that killed Jesus, followed by Paul claiming to be said True Scotsman.

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