Vivian Janet Bowman, more commonly known as the "I do no sex" woman is a teacher from Lexington.


She was featured on episode 182, when the Peasants played a video of her, talking about her celibacy and grammar use.

Her admirable quotes

"I am a celibate person who is not gay. Some teachers in the Fayette County Public Schools and the Principal of Cassidy Elementary School have told me they have blackballed me from employment in the Fayette County Public Schools because I do no sex." - Talking about a situation at the school she works at.

"She writes her liar words because she knows I do no sex, but I am a widow. My children have grown and I live a celibate life. This malicious principal woman wants to lie and say there was pictures taken of me with boys only. Rhonda Fister is liar. There is no such picture taken of me with boys only." - Showing off her grammar skills.

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