Vagina Power was an Atlanta-based talk show that was featured many times on the Drunken Peasants in late 2014 starting with Episode 61.

Its host, Alexyss Tylor, is a sexual philosopher that has claimed that the penis is a very powerful tool. Also, her website states "Alexyss teaches about sex chakras, the auric field and how to use them to reach ultimate orgasms". [1] Apparently, her show has garnered a lot of attention.

On Drunken Peasants

Vagina Power first appeared on the Drunken Peasants in Episode 61 where its host explains why dick will make you slap someone. In Episode 63, Alexyss talked about disadvantaged black boys being sexually exploited by older white men. Mr. Repzion initially thought she was some ass-crazy homophobic Christian, unaware of the cogent and enlightening information provided by Alexyss.

Alexyss made her second appearance in Episode 65. Ben originally played a video of her imparting wisdom while huffing cigar smoke, but then changed to another video of hers' because of the music playing over it. The other video was on Alexyss discussing the hetero-flexibility of men. TJ was so bewildered by the information presented before him that they had to move on.

She made a third appearance in the following podcast, donning a Hitler-esque outfit for the month of October. This was to show her devotion to the sanctity of the vagina, because men don't honor women's vaginas adequately.

Alexyss reappeared in Episode 75 and talked about the current crisis where women hold in their fecal matter when having sex with men, risking the possibility of them expelling that matter during intercourse.

List of DP appearances


  • "Dick'll make you slap somebody!"
  • "Dick'll make you lose control!"
  • "Dick'll make you pull a gun and shoot somebody!"
  • "Dick'll make you nuke a foreign country!"
  • "We'll suck a dick up, til they hiccup."
  • "Hoppin'. Poppin'. Skip-skoppin'. Laffy Taffy bitches."
  • "Ya'll need to wash under ya'll damn nuts."
  • "Salute the vagina!"
  • "Fly the vagina!"


  • Little known fact, she is part of the KKK agenda and engages in lynchings of big black dicks.


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