Vaccinations are Illuminati mind control propaganda devices used for the hatred of God. They contain mercury and shit. Every study has concluded that vaccines have no benefits, DUH! (Except for the ones performed by Satan's minions.) A much better alternative is faith healing, which always works. People who know the truth about vaccines are The Vigilant Christian, InfoWars, Anita Fuentes, Jenny McCarthy, Suzanne Somers, and other smart people. Cuba has a vaccine against lung cancer for some reason.

Facts And Reality

Anti-vaccine people are actually fucking retarded and paranoid and don't know what the fuck they are talking about because they have no scientific knowledge.

One of the most brought up claims by anti-vaxxers is that vaccines cause autism. Considering the people who are anti-vaxxers, it would make more sense that NOT using vaccines leads to autism. It also leads to the spreading of disease. The number of peer reviewed scientific studies which prove that there is a link between vaccines and autism is ZERO, on the the other hand there are thousands upon thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that prove that there is no link whatsoever between vaccines and autism.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

An other anti-vaxxer claim is that "autism and infant death rates rose at an alarming and dramatic rate when vaccines went into existence". That's just again shows that anti-vaxxers are uneducated gullible morons that believe any ignorant incoherent paranoid thing that crackpots and conspiracy nuts tell them, because in reality vaccinations has been present since work of Louis Pasteur in 1880 and infant mortality rates have been decreasing since about the beginning of the 1800s.[13][14][15][16] Also, until about 1970-80s we didn't even had a coherent diagnosis of autism, let alone a proper diagnosis, so the claims that autism and infant death rates were rising since when vaccines went into existence is an utter garbage. And rise in the autism statistics since 1990s(from where most autism statistics start) can be attributed to changes in reporting practices and changes in the criteria used to diagnose autism, and also changes in the way autism cases are recorded. As we find out more and more about autism the diagnosis and reports of actual cases increases.

Usually after you debunk all of their ignorant ridiculous claims about vaccines instead of admitting that they were wrong in most cases they will just accuse you of being a paid shill of the Illuminati, the "Big Pharma", the Government or the Reptilians or any bogeyman these idiots can pull out of their ass. These retarded cunts would rather let children die of diseases than to "risk" them of getting autism or any other bullshit which has never ever ever ever been scientifically proven to be linked to vaccines anywhere in the world.

Anti vaccine propaganda


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