"You know that hole in the ground we once called England, it's now called Londonistan, full of Indians."
The United Kingdom, also known simply as the UK or Great Britain, is the seat of the world government, The Fuckwits of Nations. The UK's capital is London, one of the shittiest cities in the history of the world. The whole country is ruled by an old lady and her pet old lady Theresa. Ireland used to be a member of the UK, but they had the foresight to get the fuck out.

British Culture

The British have no culture.



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England is a country in the United Kingdom. It is best known for being extremely evil and oppressive. Its leader is a total twat.


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Scotland is a lousy half-wit nation that is full of chavs and petty criminals who will stab you for anything. They invented golf and then basically did nothing for 1200 years and then decided to start crying because they're trapped in a sinking ship with England.


This probably isn't a real place.


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