John (real name)

Undertakerfreak1127 is a YouTube vlogger who has made several videos attacking TJ. He and TJ have had a history way before DP was started, making videos about him all the way back in 2011 and even copyrighting a video on The Amazing Atheist channel and taking it down due to footage of him in it, even though it was protected by fair use. What a fucking faggot.


His videos have been shown and discussed a couple of times on the show. The first was on episode 19 where he accused TJ of scamming his fans. He later appeared on episode 171 where he made a half-assed apology to TJ. It was not accepted. TJ said he would accept it if UTF gave him his Goomba hat. It is unknown if he did, but considering how much John loves his faggoty little hat, he probably didn't. 

Jon returned on episode 249, in which he tried to explain why we live in a rape culture. He was not able to convince the peasants.


  • He worships his precious Goomba hat.
  • He has an extremely terminal case of autism (which he describes in his video "I have Asperger Syndrome, and I No Longer Care") which often pushes him to do "petty" things, like fucking with Daddy AA.
  • He appears to be in a secret homosexual relationship with a YouTube vlogger, TheArchfiend, who has also been featured on the show.
  • John has also attacked called out Mr. Repzion for no reason for being a lying piece of shit.
  • After TJ responded to his apology video, John made a comment on the video saying he would never go on DP, and that TJ can go fuck himself.
  • His most famous videos are about how much Lars Ulrich sucks.
  • Absolutely despises anarchists.
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