Tori Huit (or Hyooit) is an intersectional feminist YouTuber, writer, musician and queer advocate who formerly went by the name AwesomeRants. She entered the scene in 2011 when she began making YouTube rants on the subject of gay rights, race issues and atheism. Her indecisiveness with the focus and approach of her channel led to it going through several revisions with many of her old videos being deleted and multiple declarations of her leaving YouTube.

In her current form, Tori likes to talk about systematic privilege in American society concerning factors such as ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and (maybe) class.


Vs. Bloomfield

Tori made guest appearance in a special edition DP podcast where she debated MRA Janet Bloomfield, who to this day is still the worst received guest of the show despite the appearance of this fuck. Strangely uncharacteristic of a modern feminist, Tori managed to remain civil and reasonable throughout the duration of the debate, even amidst the presence of Janet's jackassery. Would you believe it, she was even interested in hearing out other people's point of view. That was before tumblr attacked...


She is now a fan of Ryan Wiley and claims things such as the media openly claiming white lives are more important than colored people's lives. According to TJ, Tori said the only reason the peasants acted respectful towards her was to justify their anti-feminist beliefs. Basically, she's another feminist ideological drone now.


  • Ve is genderqueer.
  • Her descent into feminism is the same as a person gradually becoming a meth junkie. Feminism: Not even once.

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