The Tommy Sotomayor Saga refers to a feud between Tommy Sotomayor and The Drunken Peasants.


This little ditty all started in Episode 181 when DP covered Tommy's video about transgender suicide. Tommy construed their comments about him as racist and did a response video where he felt the need to parade his oh-so-fabulous garage and repeatedly refer to them as "white boys", because racially-charged terms are okay when a black person does it, nigga.

This prompted TJ to make his own response video on The Amazing Atheist and Tommy's race cards started falling down in mass all over the place. Tommy has been featured a couple times on DP ever since.

Recently, Tommy has false flagged DP. They are planning on suing his ass if he doesn't retract the DMCA.

45px The Tommy Sotomayor Saga
White Boys

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