Timic83 is a former fan of The Drunken Peasants and a one shot antagonist that appeared in Episode 84 of the podcast. His views on vaccines and autism gained him plenty of ire from the fanbase. Timic also made a response video to his rebuttal from the Peasants, but they never covered it.


Timic83 was the first person covered in episode 84. His video was the first of two whiny fans covered. In his video, he rambled on incoherently about a bunch of things like vaccines, autism, Ryan Wiley, Evolution, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Timic also claimed that he sent the Peasants Gail. TJ and the other peasants easily debunked everything he said every step of the way. At the end TJ suggested that he started his own podcast called The Whiny Cunts Podcast.


  • He is a massive fan of Galen.
  • He thinks that G Man has better arguments than The Bible Reloaded.
  • He posted a false clip from the film Guardians of the Galaxy, which was instead a wall of text complaining about how he hated the film for some random, nitpicky, reason.
  • He appears to be a gamer based on channel uploads.
  • His Camera man made terrible strawman predictions about the Peasants that never came true. Ironically, they accused the Peasants of strawman tactics.
  • He is quite possibly the most hated one shot antagonist.
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