"The Toledo Meetup"

The Toledo meetup was an all ages meetup that took place at the Ottawa tavern from 9pm -to- whenever the fuck people felt like dispersing and featured a Q & A along with the most epic "Story Time With Paul" ever gifted upon the audience. Other event's included mass groping of man tit's, vodka gummy bears, the owner of video game underground, Wheelchair guy, an appearance by shirt guy, and even the truth about Atlantic City. [1]

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Wheelchair Guy

Wheelchair Guy Was an awesome dude with a mother fucking wheelchair of ultimate power who was beloved by all who were present. Wheelchair guy had a 2002 potato phone incapable of the lowest standard of photography. Thankfully almost everyone in the entire meetup offered to take and post pictures of him and with him.         

The Gummy Gang

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The gummy Gang was a group of three random faggots one of whom is rumored to be from Nuke Michigan. For the first half of the meetup they distributed free gummy bears to anyone that wanted... that is until Paul's fat fucking mouth ruined the entire plan and had the project shut down by the bar. Paul admits this himself at the beginning of Drunken Peasants episode 260.

Video Game Underground

[ A live rendition of video game underground was preformed this section is awaiting a you tube upload ]

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