The Outspoken Realist, (real name Boba Fett) abbreviated as TOR, is a horrible YouTube channel that strives to "call out" various injustices. He considers himself a realist and speaks on what he sees as being the truth.


The Outspoken Realist once had a very successful career as a bounty hunter, but this career was cut short when he fell into a sarlacc pit.

TOR eventually escaped the pit, but sustained heavy injuries. Due to the injuries around his neck and mouth, it was said that TOR would never be able to speak again. Determined to once again be able to speak, TOR went through experimental surgery. The doctors warned him that this operation would let him communicate again, but the price was that he would have the voice of a prepubescent teenager. TOR accepted, thinking it a small price to pay for being able to talk once more.

The operation was a success. After he had fully recovered, TOR left to find a new planet to call home, which lead him to Earth.

On Earth, TOR looked long and hard for something he could devote his life to, swearing never to return to bounty hunting. He one day discovered the Drunken Peasants, and decided to devote his life to watching every episode and leaving comments.


TOR was first played on DP when he called out TJ for his defense of a certain Kangaroo. TJ and Paul strongly disagreed, while Ben agreed. Scotty made fun of TOR's voice like the insensitive fuck he is, not knowing about the incident mentioned above.

His video response to TJ's Nuance is Dead video was featured on episode 212. The peasants first joked that they hated him, but eventually said that he was alright.

On Episode 317 The Outspoken Realist was absolutely raped utterly to death by PaulsEgo and the Peasants, in which he disproved his own argument, made himself look hilariously stupid, and was generally cucked and fucked by the peasants for the first part of the show. All DP fans should watch this episode, so everyone knows what happens if you bring weak sauce anti pwnage to the Drunken Peasants. May God have mercy on his soul.

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