File:Sex Twister - THE HOBO RAP - Lyrics
The Hobo Rap, also known as Hobo Anal and Anal Hobo, is a fan favorite track of Sex Twister. It is the song that inspired TJ to rape Ben with a dirty toilet plunger. It is loosely based on the life of Paul's Ego.

Contrary to popular belief, Hobo Anal is not just the means by which Ben met TJ; it is also the name of a Sex Twister tune that the Drunken Peasants play during breaks. It features a melodic chorus, quick verses, and (in typical Sex Twister fashion) sexually provocative lyrics.



Hobo on the ground, says he got a probe. Yo I've got my chode, but no that's sick!

If I want a dick I can get a dick and I like the metal stick with the little drip drip.

Gobble knob on the top with all the stickiness and I know the satisfaction of a man don't get me wrong.

Waters your eyes and baby does it turn me on, like when a man tries to beat me.

Drop my hobo clothes and then he tries to feed me.

Cock in the mouth, foot in the mouth, sex in the south, bitch scream out.

Then I'll be the hobo you and your friends talk about.

Standing in the street getting bent over a bench, looking forward doing the probing experience.

Got the lube dude? Use it for the backin action!

Stick it in and watch the hobo's ass contraction!

Hobo, hobo, hobo, hobo, hobo!

Anal, anal, anal, anal, anal!

Probing, probing, probing, probing, probing hobo anal probing.

Chilling at home watching the tube sportin' a boner for the feeling of a hobos in the city of the probing.

Feeling good, looking out the window, looking down the alley for a dirty old hobo.

Yeah I like to anal probe each other like the dirty dozen

Says the ladies in the dress who's baby's momma daddy's cousin, they can feel like like a hobo tied me down for anal probing, ?????????????????????????????? cock in my ass and think it's funny, tickle and fucking bust you in the nuts, ???????????????????????????, fuck a dirty hobo dick it's also like to suck a drip.

Thinkin its a spike trip hobo probing competition building up the (new years?) of the ????.


Hobo, hobo, hobo, hobo, hobo.

Anal, anal, anal, anal, anal.

Probing, probing, probing, probing, probing hobo anal probing.

Fuck it I ain't your tool, bitch,


Feel that rimshot, bick cock in your mouth, caught thinking about an anal probe.

(Grease it, grease it, grease it, grease it, grease it up

Stick it, stick it, stick it, stick it in

Slide it up and down, slide it up an down, slide it all around) x5

Hobo hobo, hobo, hobo, hobo

Anal, anal, anal, anal, anal

Probing, probing, probing, probing, probing

Hobo anal probing

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