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The Drunken Peasants Wiki (DP Wiki) is a comprehensive database formatted after Wikipedia that is based on a model of content editing using web-based applications such as web-browsers. This wiki is the general reference of information on the Drunken Peasants Network. It is also owned and supported by the Drunken Peasants, a Seattle-based independent entertainment organization that provides news, entertainment, social-political commentary, and opinions from an altered perspective. Though owned and maintained by the Drunken Peasants Network, the DP Wiki is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation through Wikia at a server hub in San Francisco.


As a social-political commentary network, common subject matters featured on the Drunken Peasants can include politics, entertainment, comedy, culture, social issues, religion, philosophy, society, the media, journalism, popular culture, sports, current events, international affairs, science, history, business, the environment, economy, food, drugs, personal experiences, violent conflicts, bizarre conspiracy theories, as well as various unusual subject matters. The Drunken Peasants maintain a center-left, progressive ideology in their political commentary.


The Drunken Peasants Wiki was launched around January 2015, by Benpai and the Gerudo Dragon. Shortly after the birth of this wiki, some fans of the Drunken Peasants began joining the DP Wiki Staff. On May 4, 2015, the Drunken Peasants began featuring the Wiki on their Podcasts and shows.[1] A few months later, the Drunken Peasants established a new segment just for this wiki, called the Information Segment.[Citation Needed]



  • This is an introductory page; not to be confused with the home page.


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