The Doctor of Common Sense, more uncommonly known as African Mr. Clean is a big, black, juicy stud from Kenya.


During the daytime, he's the most straight man in the world and Duke Nukem's black disciple in manhood, but under the cover of blackest night (racial pun intended), he has orgazeems with his favorite same gender lovin' individuals. He also loathes Bernie Sanders to a point where it's suspiciously homoerotic in undertone.

In fact, his hatred of socialism is so intense, he appears to have been at least the sole protester at every far left rally since 1917 when he first encountered his arch nemesis, Vladimir Lenin. In 1955, he waged an epic and fiery campaign of endlessly belaboring his point in a valiant attempt to prevent Noam Chomsky from becoming a professor at MIT. In 1969 he battle charged a caravan of Charlies led by General Vo Nguyen Giap himself with nothing but an American flag and his black monster cock. In 1989, he single handedly halted a column of Chinese tanks with his fishnet stockings and mighty assless chaps. And, most notably, in 2016, he shall destroy the diabolical socialist harbinger of America's doom, Bernie Sanders.


The Doctor of Common Sense has been featured on the show three times.

On episode 164, he talked about how homosexuals love pain and abuse. He compared them to demons, and showed videos of savage homosexuals dancing around the clock.

On episode 188, he said Obama is committing crimes and should be prosecuted.

And finally, on episode 198, he showed a video of Yoko Ono singing, and claimed it wasn't really singing, it was an orgazeem. Apparently, Hillary Clinton munched her pussy like Pac-Man when the camera was focused on Yoko.

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