The Brain Enema (Trina Herzberg Fehr) is an unhinged Canadian drunkard and the proud owner of several automobiles, the majority of which are non-functioning. She is upfront and outspoken about her views on numerous topics, no matter how tenuous and limited her grasp is on those topics. Regardless, she actually comes off much more reasonable, mature and level-headed than most SJWs. I am not kidding.

She is known as The Brain Enema on YouTube.

Before DP

The Brain Enema made a video about her opinion on atheists and TJ way back, which he responded to on The Amazing Atheist. She wasn't happy that he didn't play the end of her video and claimed she received a lot of hate afterwards as a result. She just brushed it off and even later messaged him and settled things out with the Drunken Peasants. Ya read that, Jenny?


The Brain Enema first appeared in Episode 27 (Part 1) when she angrily demanded people leave her alone unless they're nice to her.

She reappeared in Episode 175 when she gave us a tour of her home to prove to us how awesome her scrapyard of a frontyard was to show up her enemies, such as Queenie Martha.



File:Why Is This Real?
  • Her cat's name is Pee Wee and she likes burgers.
  • She's for gay rights
  • Her tits don't suck.
  • She's married. Somehow.
  • TJ covered her in 2011 when she made a video decrying the practice of preaching atheism.
  • She's sexier than Mercedes Carrera, BeyondPhere and Sex Masterka combined.
  • Queenie Martha's tits are byoodiful.
  • Even she knows Laughing Witch's letter writing campaign against Thunderf00t was a shitty move.
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