The Bible Reloaded is a channel run by a gay couple Hugo And Jake, that happens to have the greatest intro theme song of any and all possible intro theme songs in all of Youtube.


In the episodes Hugo And Jake were on DP, they were introduced as The Bible Reloaded.

They have been guests on the following episodes:

On Amazing Atheist

TJ has appeared twice on TBR for Chick Tracts, and Hugo And Jake uploaded a Chick Tract video to The Amazing Atheist as a guest video.

On Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat has appeared twice on TBR for Chick Tracts, and has uploaded a guest video to TBR. One of CC's videos has also been mirrored on TBR.

Bible Study

The channel's main series is a Bible study; the catch is that the hosts are savage atheist heathens intent on discrediting and making light of the flawless book. 

There is also a Quran Reloaded spin-off on its own separate channel, simply named The Quran Reloaded.

Atheists Watch

A series where Hugo and Jake describe and deconstruct various Christian Propaganda Films. The first episode was a review of God's not Dead.

Ask Hugo

TBR's Q&A series where the duo (mostly Hugo) answer questions from curious viewers. The series is sometimes interesting and sometimes boring as shit.

Jake Reads

A dull and uneccesarry series where the duo (mostly Jake) read off alledgedly funny comments and give their thoughts. This series is like the Q&A series, but even more boring.

Chick Tracts

Hugo and Jake's most popular series aside from their bible study. It consists of Hugo, Jake, and a guest roleplaying a chick tract for their amusement and ours.

Past Chick Tract guests include:

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