Terminology commonly used by the The Drunken Peasants.

Hang 'Em High

"Hang 'Em High" is a common inside joke within the Drunken Peasants. It refers to the extreme American Christian Right's desire to execute homosexuals. Examples of people like this are Pastor Steven L. Anderson. The phrase originated in episode 30. It is always used a Redneck voice.

Rocking Back And Forth Like A Caged Elephant

"Rocking Back and Forth like a Caged Elephant" is a term first coined by Tim Black to describe TJ's frequent back and forth movement during times of boredom and often during the podcast.


Garbage is the adjective most often used by the peasants.

Calling something garbage is saying that the thing is worthless. It can also indicate that something is really cool but you want to hurt it like a kitten wants to be petted and wants to bite you at the same damn time.

An example of this usage is when a DP fan first enters the chat, notices Scotty talking, and immediately his TJ training kicks in and he has to say, "Scotty is garbage."

French Vanilla Situation

In episode 166, Brett Keane repeatedly had to go to the bathroom, and he said he had to go because of "french vanilla."

A "french vanilla situation" is a common way of saying that somebody needs to go take a shit.

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