Ted Nugent, also known as The Nuge, Uncle Ted, and The Whackmaster, is a classic rock guitarist, hunter, and a deranged moron an eccentric good samaritan. He's been involved in various musical, political, and outdoorsman ventures since the 60's. Ted rides a bald eagle and shoots Mexicans trying to steal freedom from legal Americans with lethal power chords from his fully amped Gibson Byrdland. He also hates whining yuppie maggots anyone who ridicules or criticizes him.


Ted Nugent has appeared on the Drunken Peasants from time to time. The peasants hate Ted Nugent with a passion of 1000 burning stars. On episode 13, Ted Nugent said some racist shit against Jews and Blacks.


Ted began playing guitar professionally as a child in the mid to late 1950's, practicing tirelessly to hone his craft, and in 1963, joined local Detroit psych and hard rock band, The Amboy Dukes. He soon became the center focus of the band with his outrageous and captivating onstage antics, and freakishly loud, virtuosic guitar shredding. He played on all their classic output including their 1967 hit, Journey To The Center of the Mind. After more and more core members left, Nugent eventually dissolved the band around 1974 and went solo, releasing classic records like 1975's self-titled Ted Nugent and 1977's hard rock watershed, Cat Scratch Fever. He continued his musical career and gradually became more and more flagrantly political, taking a rare conservative and traditionalist stance and slowly morphing into something of a pro 2nd amendment and hunter's rights quasi-pundit. Both of which are ventures he continues to this day.


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