TJ Cena is the more charismatic and beloved counter part of TJ Kirk, as well as the older brother of Scotty Cena.


TJ Cena is a host that lives together with Scotty Cena, making many people think that both are in a incestuous relation with each other. Unlike Scotty Cena, TJ Cena is more quiet, presumably because of having a banana in his mouth.


TJ Cena is the love child of TJ and John Cena and was born on April 20th, 420, making him the Jesus of weet. he shares an apartment with Scotty Cena.

On the DP

TJ Cena first appeared on episode 230 because TJ had to rest after getting fucked by Dinoaur on the last private show. Despite not saying a word, he quickly became even more loved then TJ himself.

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