TJ's Porn Blog (known by Christians as Hell and known by Muslims as Mecca) is TJ's personal pornographic blog, containing some of the sexiest art on the internet. It is often mentioned by TJ and the blog was rumored to be a gold mine of sexy booty. Many searched and many failed, looking for his fabled pages. All seemed lost until TJ disclosed a particularly disturbing pic of art depicting two furry horses raping a furry dog TJ.

Many were disturbed by the post however most focused on how in the piece he had left a link to his legendary porn blog. Soon a team of interstellar explorers ventured into the portal, and upon coming through the other side found themselves within the blogosphere, it was not what they expected.

Within the blog they found horrors, too vivid to describe. They soon fled, never to return to the blog again. Enter at your own risk, but be warned as you could never know what horror's await you. You've been warned. (Extreme NSFW): Click here to be directed to it.

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