TJ's Ass is the best part of the entire podcast and has been subject to varying levels of attention since the great BananaGate 2011.

If you think about it, TJ is shoving a banana up his ass right now.

TJ's ass is the capital of the Kenyanist movement, and it has consumed more that 30,000 people in its lifetime.


Black people like Tim Black and G Man originally seemed to (and likely still do) have a fascination with it, as they questioned TJ about it many times during their initial appearances on the show.

TJ's Anus

TJ's Anus was an idiot in the live chat who used a picture of TJ's magnificent ass as an avatar, the only problem was that he was another unfunny troll. Ben has a strict policy of keeping him away from the live chat, but TJ's Anus always found time to make a new account.

Even in the few rare chat revivals he has tried to spread chaos but was usually dealt with by the mods. He has not been seen in ages by this point, and likely retired to an anus-based retirement home to live out his golden years.


  • TJ rarely washes his asshole, thus it has an odor of shit, bananas, chocolate syrup, hot oil, and coffee.
  • There are over 15 new species of bacteria found in TJ's ass every year.
  • It is unsure, but scientists estimate that TJ's ass goes on indefinitely. Experts believe that it is at least 1/5 the size of the observable universe.
  • Ever since Ben mentioned on the podcast that toilet paper does not clean your ass properly, TJ took his sentiment to heart and began wiping with his left hand.
  • TJ's ass produces more waste than the average landfill and water treatment plant combined.
  • TJ shoved an Emperor Palpatine action figure up his ass.
  • TJ's ass's favorite foods are bananas, pot brownies, and Paul's ego beard hairs. Though has a liking for Mexican children, lesbians, and dicks of muscular men as well.


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