Susanne Atanus is a conservative American politician who was the GOP's choice for congresswoman of Illinois' 9th district. She is probably either a lesbian, an adulterer, or most likely both. She also believes many wacky conspiracies including that autism was caused by Roe V. Wade, and the polar vortex was altered because of anal sex and abortions or some shit.

She reached her height of infamy when she appeared on Rover's Morning Glory to discuss her completely rational beliefs which include gay rights causing a surge in tornadoes and that the reason wall street closes on Sundays is that they use that time to cover up the fact that stocks NEVER go down.


  • The very first Susanne Atanus clip on an episode of the Drunken Peasants podcast, Episode 8, was lost to time Ben's shitty editing.
  • If you abbreviate her name as S. Atanus - You get "Satanus", which is an evil T-Rex in the British comic 2000AD (Where Judge Dredd came from).
  • When Moses split the seas, he missed and hit the top of her head.


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