Someguy827 (real name, Stevie Wolfethorne) is a small-time YouTuber who is most well known for his many videos criticizing Onision. Although he has a YouTube channel where he talks about other YouTubers and internet drama, his real profession is making music and being a DJ.

Stevie is also a large detractor of Mr. Repzion. Although he is known for his YouTube handle, he has ambitions of being more recognized for his music. He is known to get easily upset, this is a trait he exaggerates as part of his internet persona, which, like the Amazing Atheist, is an exaggeration of the actual person. He also has a fiance and daughter.

Before DP

Stevie Wolfethorne started his YouTube channel in 2006. Between then and now he has been an outspoken critic of both Onision and MrRepzion, and even has debated Onision. Most of his videos target individuals who he views as "fucking assholes" and also has a popular video series (now featured on his Facebook fanpage) where he listens to and reacts to music of various levels of quality.

Pwning Feuerstein

Stevie recently released a video where he responded to Josh Fuckstain's homophobic video about gay marriage (the same Fuckstain video featured in DP Episode 124). Stevie has pwned many people but no other pwnage was as incredible as this was.


He was featured in Episode 26 of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. The video in question was a passionately angry rant about TJ leaving a mildly snarky comment on a video made by another YouTuber named iMustDestroyAll, who Stevie is friends with. He claimed that TJ and Mr. Repzion are fuckbuddies, which is of course true.


  • He hates Las Vegas, where he formerly resided.
  • He is of German descent.
  • Stevie has had his own controversy concerning abuse of his fiance, and despite this being an old issue, some assholes actually think it matters and infrequently harass him over it.
  • He is most associated with YouTubers wankers such as Undertakerfreak1127, TheArchfiend, and iMustDestroyAll.
  • He once reviewed a book Onision himself wrote. Obviously, Stevie didn't like the book.
  • He was a Christian for 24 years, until becoming a LaVeyan Satanist.
  • He once claimed TJ was the next Onision.
  • He thinks that a lot of people who say ridiculous nonsense really don't believe it and just try to pander to people so that they can get attention, support, and wealth - an example being Anita Sarkeesian.[1]


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