Template:Infobox religionSocialism is a socio-economic system that many people mistake for Communism. There are many different types of socialism, but most of them include the idea that the people should control the means of production and distribute wealth throughout all members of the society. Other than this, there is a big variance in socialist beliefs.

Most notably, Socialist thought is divided between Revolutionary Socialists and Reformist Socialists. Revolutionary Socialism was practiced by the Bolsheviks and The Chinese Communists. Reformist Socialism, or Democratic Socialism, is the more modern form of socialism implemented, mainly found in modern socialist parties in the western world.

Nations like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France practice in some form of Reformist Socialism. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders identifies as a Democratic Socialist.


  • Socialism is bad.
  • Socialism is against God.
  • Anyone who is a socialist is comparable to Joseph Stalin.
  • All socialists are rapists/child molesters.
  • Communism = Socialism
  • White people can't be socialists.
  • It can be good, so long as it is combined with Nationalism, a sort of "National Socialism" If you will.
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