File:Sex Twister- Sex Twister

Sex Twister is another popular song by the band Sex Twister, that shares the band's name. It is critically acclaimed as one of the greatest hits of the 21st century and recently netted that band their first Grammy Award. It is the favorite track of any true DP fan.


Simple sex twister

That's how he fucked her

As he stared into her eyes

Then he realized

That she's baptized with his cumshot

(With his cumshot)

In her mouth

(In her mouth)

She choked air in doubt

And then she came around

So I forgot her name

But I think she's black,

But she was white

With a ponytail made out of sperm

Let the girl burn

Let her asshole yearn for his rimjob

(For his rimjob)

Tug in the ass

(Tug in the ass)

And then she gasped

It feels like I passed

Please make it fast

I can't outlast

[Guitar solo]

Simple sex twister

She fucked his daughter

With a dildo strapped onto her pie

Let it inside, have a girl cry

With a lesbian

(With a lesbian)

Tug in the crotch

(Tug in the crotch)

It feels niiiiiice

It feels oh so nice

To fall in love

And I saw her outside

Playing with her new guy

Runnin naked on the porch

About to be a whore

About to be a whore

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