Sex Masterka (real name, Aniela Bogusz) is a Polish YouTuber who makes videos about sex education. Her videos are presented in Polish, but have English subtitles which are hard to focus on for some reason. She hopes to better improve her English to reach a wider audience. And BOOBS.

On Drunken Peasants

Sex Masterka was featured as a guest in Episode 173 after she contacted the Drunken Peasants, wanting to go on the show. She was attracted to DP due to their similar sexual interests. Her broken-ass English caused some minor difficulties when communicating with the peasants, but she managed to impart some interesting facts about human sexuality.


  • She loves the creepy things posted on her videos' comment section.
  • She has a friend who drinks urine for sexual fulfilment.
  • She's a good witch, but is the bad witch on her other channel.
  • Similar to Mercedes Carrera, a huge segment of the audience conducted thorough research on Sex Masterka's channel prior to, during and after her guest appearance.
  • She objected to TJ licking Arnold Schwarzenegger's ass out of respect for the former governor.
  • She started her channel 2 months ago and has already amassed over 2 million views (more than Ryan Whiny).
  • Fans have suggested getting her, BeyondPhere and Mercedes Carrera on the show together. BeyondPhere is up for this.
  • Ben was demonstrated to " laugh " every time SexMasterka made an unfunny joke. This is in no way proof that he wants her pussy. Though the fans wouldn't blame him.


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