"Hey, Scotty! Jesus, Man!" - The famous line said by the film protagonist

Second Glance is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece cooked up by the avant-garde direction of Rich Christiano and penned by the acclaimed Danny Carrales. After it's sold-out release in 1992, mountains of praise was thrust upon the film, both from critics and average movie-goers alike.

The story follows the escapades of the dreamy Daniel Burgess, played by David A.R. White, as he strives to get some ass and bestow his friend Scotty with the glorious teachings of Jesus A.R. Christ through detached one-liners.

Drunken Peasants

Among Second Glance's legion of die-hard fanboys and girls are the titular hosts of the Drunken Peasants Podcast, who've said in the past that they would consider reviewing the film. They regularly play the single best scene in the movie with varying changes to increase hilarity, though the scene is flawless in its natural state. Scotty Kirk has been known to cream his trousers every time Daniel Burgess says, "Hey, Scotty!".

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