Scotty Kirk is TJ Kirk's younger brother, although earlier in the show he was somewhere between a host and a guest due to not appearing consistently he now participates in most shows. He is known for harboring a bitter hatred of Canada and for being a vegan. Anthony Fantano has gone on record and definitively stated that Scotty is the best peasant for sticking up for himself against TJ's abuse.

While TJ's sexual scandals are well known even beyond the Peasants and their fandom, TJ once caught Scotty in the act of masturbating to the 1997 film Star ship Troopers, specifically during a scene in which space marines are fighting the insect hordes, though Scotty initially denied it and claimed to be masturbating to something in his head he has since admitted to the truth that he has a fetish for space marine's fighting bugs. He claims that the lava bug that sprays flesh melting plasma is his favorite.

Scotty has an alter ego, the Egg Bitch; as the Egg Bitch he dresses up in a tutu and prances around the land walking up to people and offering them eggs.


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