Scotty Cena is the superior Scotty in every conceivable way. The other peasants treat him with more respect than the actual Scotty. He occasionally fills in for Scotty when he isn’t available or whenever no one wants to deal with Scotty. The original Scotty constantly fights for control for his status as peasant creating a rivalry with the plush toy.


Scotty and Scotty Cena were born from the same womb. Their mom, was actually cheating on TJ’s dad Thomas James Kirk with future WWE star John Cena. What she didn’t know was that this was part of a military project Les Enfants Terribles to create a John Cena supersoldier. Scotty Cena inherited all of John Cena’s positive traits only to have Scotty Kirk inherit all his negative traits. When Scotty Cena was Born he was taken away with the assumption from the Kirk family that he died soon after birth, but really he was to begin his training.

After years of training and engaging in over 100 military operations, including Operation Neptune Spear, he defected from his CIA handlers and returned to the states to find his twin brother. At first, Scotty welcomed his long lost brother, and made his first appearance on the podcast in Episode 25. Scotty Kirk realized soon that Scotty Cena was better at him and more well liked by his co hosts. On Episode 238, Scotty Kirk, while dress like Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, assassinated Scotty Cena live during the podcast.

Behind the scenes

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