Scott Walker is a Wisconsin Governor and an all around cunt. Scott Walker was a leading candidate of the Republican Primary for the 2016 Presidential Election until the arrival of Donald Trump, resulting in his immediate collapse.

Despite his early popularity, Walker had never made any public speeches nor any rallies since his announcement to run in early 2015. Not much was known about his political beliefs either. The only real information that was known about Scott Walker was that "he is a terrible piece of shit" according to Wisconsin.

Time as the Dark Lord of Wisconsin

In 2006, Walker failed to gain enough support to become Governor and dropped out 14 months into campaigning. In his second attempt, he was successful in declaring himself the Dark Lord of Wisconsin.

There, he made efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, fuck over education, and demolish health care resulting in the people of Wisconsin beginning to turn on their Dark Lord and holding a recall election in 2011 to remove Walker from power. However, Walker was able to win a slight majority and maintain the remainder of his term. During 2011, Walker was investigated for political corruption around illegal donations to his campaign, however no court has come to a consensus of the legitimacy of the corruption (but knowing Walker it's probably accurate).

Walker succeeded in winning the 2014 Gubernatorial Election by 6% and will hold his office until 2018.

2016 Presidential Election

Horny for power, Walker constructed a 527 Organization for his bid for the Republican Nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election in January of 2015. Since then, Walker had been amassing both a large following and a large conservative backing, making his rise to power more and more palpable. Walker had been featured in many polls as having a strong following to his fellow Republicans in the Republican Primaries and had officially taken the job of being the new Mitt Romney. Despite his success early on in the Primaries, the rise of Donald Trump sent Walker crashing in polls and will never win the nomination. He pulled out of the Republican Primaries shortly after the second Republican Debate.

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