Sarah Palin is a Republican escort woman. She is most notable for running for Vice President in 2008 alongside some old fuck and losing miserably, more than likely for just being Palin. Some people think she's hot, but they're gross human beings.

Early Life

She was born in good ol' Idaho to Adolf Hitler and Brett Keane. At age 6 when she moved to Alaska, she realized that she could see Russia from her house. Then she snorted a shit ton of coke and became what she is today.


TJ has made several videos on Sarah Palin including:

A video talking about John McCain announcing Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. He thought of a dystopian society in which McCain is elected president and had a heart attack, which leads to the rise of President Palin. The entire US population then commits suicide from Palin's constant nagging. He concluded that McCain had sunk his campaign by selecting her and that the GOP had turned into a circus act.


Stories about her have been discussed usually during the earlier days of the News Segment, back when she had some relevance left in politics.


  • TJ does not want to fuck Sarah Palin.[1]
  • She once came in second place in a beauty pageant, only beaten by a moose. This is why she hunts moose today. [2]
  • Her supporters consist entirely of people who are impressed that she can kill a moose.
  • She has the quintessential Minnesota accent.



  1. This is a lie.
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