Saddam Hussein was Barack Hussein Obama's lover/brother/father/life coach. Saddam was born in the desert on top of a pyramid beneath a flying saucer; Joseph Stalin (a.k.a Joseph Satan) squeezed Saddam out of his own ass. He tried to take a massive shit on Kuwait and 'Merica didn't tolerate that, so 'Merica dropped a fuckton of bombs on his ass and they were so pissed that they came back a second time to take a shit on him again in 2003.

Ba'atheist Party

The Ba'atheist party was proof of how evil these atheist heathens are. Saddam Hussein killed anybody/everybody who were not atheist. TJ Kirk was greatly in love for Saddam's mustache and jizzed every time Saddam ate a banana. After Saddam's execution in 2006, TJ had difficulties deal with losing such a great man. TJ dedicated BananaGate to Saddam's memory. Ben is also a lover of Saddam.

Kurdish Genocide

Saddam Hussein ordered the Drunken Peasants to kill all the Kurds, but the Peasants thought he was talking about those cottage cheese curds. TJ soon became extremely hungry and eaten 1 million Kurds in Iraq. This event will be known as the Kurdish Genocide.

The Gulf War

The Gulf War was a war in the 1990's that nobody cares or talks about. It is was America's warm-up to completely reking Iraq.


The peasants rarely talk about Saddam because they don't want to reveal their sexual passions for Saddam. The Peasants commonly bitch about Saddam's conflicts and how it's dragged America into faggoty quagmires. Saddam Hussein is used by many theists as a example of evil and disgusting these god-hating atheists are.

One episode 177, TJ defends Saddam saying that he is better than Isis. The peasants truly believe that Saddam would have defeated Isis. The peasants prove their love for Saddam by kissing his ass metaphorically and literally. Saddam bribed the drunken peasants with a banana.


  • Brett Keane family were almost killed in the Kurdish Genocide. TJ Kirk tried to eat his family after Brett talked shit about TJ's father.
  • PaulsEgo loves Saddam.
  • Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, The Drunken Peasants, PaulsEgo, and the DP wiki have all kissed Saddam's penis.
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