Ryan Wiley (aka Ryan Whiny) is the second arch enemy of the Drunken Peasants. The DP crew originally covered him in a video he did on "atheist accountability." They pointed out how his video was somewhat sexist, despite him claiming to be a feminist and made fun of his arrogance fueled by a college math degree. Ryan made several video responses to them, all of which they covered. Ryan is generally seen as an annoying weasel.

Despite his claim to having a "math degree", he does not have the ability to count to 2.

Perhaps Ryan's most extreme views include his enthusiastic support for the Ku Klux Klan and his repeated attempts to organize a parade in the city of Detroit, Michigan celebrating Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Child Molestation  

Ryan Wiley is a notorious child rapist, having evaded police by targeting underprivileged black youths and Mexican immigrants. His preferred method of luring kids to his blood-spattered rape dungeon is to convince them that he will help them with their math homework. As a feminist, Ryan Wiley only rapes little boys.


The Drunken Peasants have watched many of Ryan's shitty videos and he has been interviewed by TJ, Ben, and Jaclyn on Episode 34.


  • This pompous windbag has a really massive hard-on for his math degree.
  • He's perpetually full of shit.
  • You can drink water from his hair.
  • Ryan Wiley is a vacuous sack of shit who is a pimple on the ass of human society.
  • Due to a running joke in the Drunken Peasants making fun of his collared shirt, Ryan does not wear them anymore in his videos.
  • Another running joke was that Ryan Wiley and Mr. Repzion were gay lovers. Repzion denied in the comments section that he was friends with Ryan. It seems to be one-sided since Ryan made several video responses to Mr. Repzion.
  • When asked about his views on the Holocaust, Ryan once replied: "who gives a shit it didn't even happen".
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