Template:Quote Rick Perry is the most brain-dead windbag dipshit smartest man in the universe and President of Texas for life by the demand of Jesus Christ himself.


Rick Perry stands firm against the Homosexual Scourge set by Obama and his legion of niggers. To combat this, Perry decided to secede from the Union but realized he couldn't because God wanted him to command all of America as the second Ronald Reagan.

Rick Perry has been trying for the last four years to become president but fails due to his blatant fucking idiocy the liberal media's endless propaganda against him.

Rick Perry is currently the second Republican candidate of the 2016 Presidential Election to have been investigated for political corruption (Perry is currently being investigated while Scott Walker's charges are not conclusive).

Sadly, Satan and the Liberal Media have been able to undermine Rick Perry's extremely unsuccessful Presidential bid, resulting in his suspension from the Republican master race.


  • His presidential ad "Strong" was one of the most disliked videos on YouTube. It's been removed, most likely because Rick Perry is a massive pussy.
  • DarkMatter2525 is in his related channels. He must be happy about that.
  • I can't remember the third piece of trivia. Oops.


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