Not to be confused with that other party

The Republican Party aka The GOP is the only non-Communist, non-Satanist Party that has ever existed in America. It is full of real American heroes and definitely did NOT spend all of the 2000s acting as a force of pure evil. It is also known as the GOP or Gorilla Orgy Pool because this party is ran by inbred imbeciles and degenerates who each share 3 brain cells between each other.


The party was founded on March 20th, 1854 to rid the world of evil democrat communists. The Republicans tried to fight the damaging left-wing policies implemented by the Democrats, but unfortunately, the gay agenda was created by them to defeat the Republicans. As of August 19th, 2015 it's working.

Tea Party

The Tea Party is a group of patriotic Republican Americans who seek to rid America of non-white Hispanic immigrants from Mexico and eliminate Baraq Osama's evil grip upon the Whiteious People of America. They are obviously not racist and love the minorities. In response, the liberal media falsified rumors that the Tea Party is comprised of stupid, bigoted, unempathetic, ignorant, selfish rednecks, but Donald Trump proved that wrong.


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