Episode 21.5

Religion Debate 2 is a special episode of the Drunken Peasants that was published after Episode 21 and before Episode 22.

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This episode started off with The Amazing Atheist, Ben, Scotty, Paul, Brett Keane, AdamLore, G Man, and CheDubs introducing themselves. Paul made some impossible ludicrous demands justified requests before engaging in the debate as a way to mock Butt King. G Man proceeded to perform his Terribly Vapid Song Insightful Masterpiece in front of the Drunken Peasants and his group of misfit toys. They then talked about The Big Bang Theory and the evidence for it. G Man attempted to undermine evolution but fails miserably. They talked about abortion after. NephilimFree joined on the podcast later. They continue to talk about abortion. Needless to say, NephlimFree is a complete moron. They then talked about the arbitrary rules in the Bible and objective morality. Then the Internet Connection started to fuck up thereby causing the show to fall apart and end prematurely.


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