Religion Debate 1 is a special episode of the Drunken Peasants. It was published after Episode 18 and before Episode 19.

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  • True empiricism received a lot of deserved verbal lashing
  • TJ’s G Man impression - 1:11:25
  • [Insert from 0:49:00?]
  • [Insert from 0:58:06]
  • [Insert from 1:11:24]


This episode is a debate between atheists and Christians. Ben, Paul, and TJ were debating Brett Keane, G man, TrueEmpiricism. This whole debate was a shit storm, there were few decent arguments made by both sides but the 'debate' was mainly just insults and ad hominems. Despite being a complete shit show, this episode was quite entertaining. GalaxyDreams and CheDubs appeared on the show. They talked about other things besides religion, science, and philosophy, then they ended the show.


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