Reactionary Roundtable, also known as Roundtable Rationality is a podcast that is totally RATIONAL. It is comprised of the Canadian Atheist, LanceCpIThomas, a eurofag who wants to ban guns and can't take a joke, a guy who's mic is worse than the Next Holocaust, and a woman who believes in the Patriarchy.

The podcast is all about redundancy and being as boring as possible. As much as they "try" to be diverse, every topic leads them back into the same atheist egalitarian circlejerk. All of the members don't have a single original thought on anything and just follow whatever DP says. They barely have any jokes and when they do they're RUBO Wiki levels of quality.[1] Eventually RR received so many downvotes it was cancelled after only six episodes of the show.

The RR Drinking Game

RR is so predictable, people have made a drinking game about it. Here are the rules.

  • Take a 2 sips every time they talk about feminism.
  • Take 3 sips every time they talk about religion.
  • Take a sip every time Eggs Rank gets kicked out for criticizing the podcast.
  • Take a sip every time you are tempted to stop watching.

If you haven't died from alcohol poisoning by the end of the game, you've won.


  • "If you don't think we're rational, then we're rational as fuck." - The Eurofag of the podcast.
  • "Feminists might have some good point on like, The Patriarchy." - The Token woman of the group.


  • Every RR episode has had way more dislikes than likes, due in combination of the AIU fanboys and the garbage quality of the podcast.
  • It has about 34 subscribers, half of them being the hosts.


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