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fRanCam Campbell aka The Teacher is a psychopath, and possible schizophrenic that makes claims so ridiculous that he has to be part of the IRA. Bro, he is mad about the Illuminati. His agonizingly incessant use of the word "bro" is clear and definitive evidence that you're all sheeple.

Ran Campbell is a mountain for God and will be a witness to the judgement of all reprobates, as mentioned in the book of Romans 1:28. Please be advised that Ran is what is holding back the wrath of God (most likely by means of his extraordinary mass), but not for much longer. He has taken all of his videos down from his YouTube channel for some reason. He is part of the organization called the Masters of Stupidity.

On DP, bro

He first met the peasants after participating in the mass pre-show orgy for the 100th episode of DP. On the show, bro, RanCam claimed that he has "put Dusty Smith on his arm a million times", bro (whatever the fuck that means, bro). TJ was so aroused by RanCam's sermon to Dusty that he was gasping for air while stroking his one-inch banana.

Trivia, bro

  • He is the son of Jason Burns and Brett Keane, bro, as a result of a top secret U.S. military genetics experiment to create the world's biggest cunt.
  • RanCam is is the most honest person on the Earth.
  • Bro, he has a ridiculous backstory.
  • He converted to Christianity in prison.
  • Many people, including Ben, have insisted that he sounds absolutely nothing like Teddy Rubskin and that everybody who dares suggest that should be shot.
  • Both of his parents died, bro - then his father died again.
  • He's a piece of shit.

Appearances, bro

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