Rachel Dolezal (born November 12, 1977) was the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NWA) chapter in Spokane, Washington from 2014 to June 2015, who is known for representing and speaking on the behalf of the lives and hairstyles of African Americans. She identifies as a proud black person, despite being born with cracker ancestry hidden under a thin veil of bronze tan and a weave. That kinda makes her a human oreo.


She made headlines across the country when word came out that Rachel was lying about her race, which drew anger from many racial leaders and public figures alike, even those within the NAACP. The resulting controversy accused Rachel of many things, from being a fraud, using her race to get into high positions of power and for pretty much lying to everyone she knew, parents included. That being said, the woman is standing by her blackness, regardless of what her white parents or anyone for that matter thinks of it.


A KHQ news report on Rachel faking her ethnicity was featured in Episode 118. TJ was curious about the psychology behind "transracialism", as Rachel's story is often paralleled to that of transgender people.


  • She is experienced in African dance, culinary arts, ethnic hair styling, modeling and dodging questions during interviews.
  • You could probably tell she isn't black by observing her in anything outside of a still image, just like you would know Brianna Wu isn't a woman just by having functioning eyes.
  • Spirit Halloween and are planning on releasing the first ever Rachel Dolezal party costume which consists of an afro, bronzer and a fraudulent scholarship application.
  • She's blacker than Gman.
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