The Q&A Segment was a Drunken Peasants segment in which the fans of the podcast get their questions answered... or sometimes not because they're garbage. Starting with Episode 102, the Q&A was reduced to once a week, it is now officially retired. TJ explained on Tumblr that they stopped doing Q&A because it dragged on and they often got bad questions.[1]


Originally done via Skype, users asked questions in the form of messages to the official DP Skype. Selection of questions was done by Ben. The listener was then brought on to ask their question and expand on it in person. It was later changed to fans submitting their own question videos on Facebook.

Audio problems were regular but the segment resulted in some golden moments. Sadly, due to an IP resolution leak issue in Skype, the show began coming under DDOS attacks from this practice.


  • Until it was changed to a weekly segment, it took place near the end of the podcast on Monday and Wednesday.
  • It ranked in as the least popular segment during the DP Wiki's featured poll in December 2015-January 2016.
  • 5% of the questions are intelligent, 15% percent of the questions are good. 20% of the questions are alright, 20% of the questions are stupid, 15% are even more stupid, and the rest you can't hear because of shitty audio quality.
  • Egghead, Drunken Pheasants, TJFucksThings, Adolf Hitler, Bullshit Police, and TJDrinksSoda have submitted questions in the past.


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