Prager University is a non-profit online program/blog whose videos are played on the show often recently, they also think they're a University. The founder of this 'University' is Dennis Prager, a conservative douchebag and filthy Jew who has shitty points. Almost everyone on the videos is old white men who present shitty arguments.


The videos that the hosts reviewed include ones that espouse "Theism is more Rational than Atheism" and "The Middle Ages weren't that bad", so you know it's stupid.


  • "Prager" means "retard" in Spainese.
  • If Prager has a video about race, it will always be narrated by a black man. This shows how not racist Prager is.
  • They are one of the biggest bullshit factories on the internet, other than BuzzFeed. This fact is also reinforced by Ben Shapiro's guest appearances on PragerU's videos

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