The Post and Pre Shows are retired DP audio-exclusive segments hosted on platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, and Podbean, listeners get to hear the hosts discuss topics for usually 10-15 minutes before and after the show. It often gave a behind-the-scenes analysis and discussed upcoming news for the show. It was never explained why the segment was scrapped. They now upload the post shows to their Soundcloud. The post-show gives us insight into the naming process, it is a demanding process, requiring about 2 seconds.

The post shows often feature indivijuls such as the Butt King, Paul's Ego expressing his intense white guilt, and other videos which were either too good or too shitty to show on the normal show.


  • It may have been founded on Episode 81.[1]
  • There aren't usually any videos played, as it is an audio-only format.


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